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Enjoying Sunset
Enjoying Sunset

"I was faced with the difficult role of relocating my mother from her jam-packed two bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility. I was overwhelmed determining what to pack and what to donate, and was trying to manage this process remotely. But Lisa Stern was a godsend and knew exactly what to do. She evaluated the floor plans, carefully inventoried the furniture to be moved, and where it would be placed. She selected the necessary accessories such as mirrors and lamps, and also the small decorative items that would help my mother feel at home. She even handpicked every item to be moved, including toiletries, undergarments, clothes, and accessories. She directed the movers and ensured that everything was perfect when my mother arrived. I cannot put a value on the time I saved by choosing Lisa to help my mother with this move!"

- Charles from Philadelphia, PA

"Scott Stern assisted with an enterprise-wide effort to investigate new market opportunities, as well as redefine our sales enablement efforts for our traditional markets. Scott’s skills are broad, but I would call out his ability to uniquely bring together otherwise disperse market opportunities into a cohesive market strategy. Scott displays solid leadership skills, is very collaborative, supportive of team members, and is overall a great team player."

- Sherrie from Irvine, CA

Sunset at the Beach

"It has been my pleasure, and good fortune, to have met Lisa Stern and avail myself of her services. Lisa began helping me when I was recuperating from surgery. She took care of many of my immediate needs, including accompanying me to appointments, shopping for me, making phone calls, writing checks, and even setting up a filing system. Besides being proficient, efficient, and caring, Lisa is a delight to be with. I am now much better, and I have continued using Lisa's services, which frees up my time for other endeavors. In addition to being my concierge and personal assistant, Lisa has become a valued friend."

- Barbara from Yardley, PA

"Scott Stern was a pleasure to work with. He helped me direct the strategic planning process for our division and led the economic and market forecasting. His forecasts were instrumental in a number of projects getting off the ground, including reformatting the design and implementation of several new products. Scott’s relaxed style and confidence helped his presentation abilities, and he consistently demonstrated outstanding communication skills along with superior leadership abilities. Scott proved to be a willing team player and worked very well with his peers. He always challenged his abilities and raised the bar with results. Scott brings a winning attitude and superior professionalism, and has proven to be a valuable, contributing member."


- Mitchell from Las Vegas, NV

Sunset at the Beach
Exotic Holiday

"My Realtor introduced me to Lisa Stern when I was trying to sell my home because my house was a mess! I had kids toys everywhere, many of which my kids had already outgrown. Lisa went through all my stuff, eliminated duplication, and removed the clutter. She converted my basement from a storage room into a space that my kids could use as their TV and playroom. Then she staged the rest of my house for sale. I am so grateful for Lisa's help, plus my home sold in only 32 days!"

- Angela from Yardley, PA

"I had the privilege of working with Scott Stern, while executing my vision to co-mingle competitive purchase data with business prospects and customer’s transactional data, within our enterprise CRM environment. Scott was extremely helpful in achieving this goal as we deployed these capabilities to the organization. Scott was also instrumental in restructuring our contractual relationship to support consolidation of data sources across thirteen subsidiary units, then in expanding these capabilities corporately. Scott’s knowledge in this space and influence with senior management enabled our sales representatives, executives, and managers to make strategic decisions."

- Dawn from Short Hills, NJ

"Lisa Stern is an incredibly talented and successful woman. She lives her life with a "can do" attitude. She is a conscientious hard worker who makes life easier with the services she delivers. I highly recommend Lisa for her excellent decorating and organizational skills, personal shopping, or other services that she offers. Lisa is a true professional who provides outstanding service!"

- Shari from Newtown, PA

"Scott Stern brought immeasurable value, where he proved to be a team player, analytical observer and problem solver. With his confident demeanor, he easily gained clients’ trust and respect, and his leadership on projects made a big difference. Scott is an intelligent, honest, straightforward, strategic thinker, and his ability to work with – even enjoy – every type of individual sets him apart. Scott is simply the kind of person you want to be around."

- Debra from Fort Lauderdale, FL

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